Cervical Contour Pillow

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RESTLESS SLEEP NO MORE: Get rid of your neck & shoulder pain to enjoy a good night's sleep!

Our Cervical Contour Pillows are uniquely designed for side and back sleepers, providing support for your head, neck, and back. It helps reduce shoulder pain or stiffness to provide a comfortable pain-free night.

While other pillows trap in moisture that can cause odor and bacterial growth, our pillows are safe to use, healthy for all and do not attract dust and bugs. Made by anti-bacterial material, our high-density memory foam pillows guard against molds, mildew and dust mites. Its ventilated design also maximizes air circulation.

Regular filling pillows lack neck support. This pillow is a special butterfly-wing curve Neck Cervical Pillow that adapts to your weight and pressure and helps to thoroughly relieve the pressure off your head and neck. 


"Best pillows I've ever owned. I love how it cradles my head and is perfect for back or side sleeping."

- Sara R.


Did you know? 

80% of people worldwide that attend Physical Therapy Chiropractors do so due to back and neck pain. 

If you sit all day or have chronic neck pain, it's is just the pillow for you. 



✅ As a Back Sleeper pillow, it supports your neck perfectly to keep your spine in a natural curve.

✅ As a Side Sleeper Pillow, it won't press your shoulder and make it feel sore.

✅ It retains its shape for its intended purpose by adapting to your weight and pressure and helps to thoroughly relieve the pressure off your head and neck.

✅ Made by anti-bacterial, this high-density memory foam pillow guards against molds, mildew and dust mites.

✅ The ventilated design maximizes air circulation.

✅ Perfect for all kinds of sleepers (side, back & stomach).

✅ The contour pillow size of 50cm * 30cm *10cm * 6cm is perfect for all body types and sizes.  




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